Achieving success in the JEE exam demands strategic effort. It requires smart work along with hard work. To make this preparation journey easy for you, Study With IB, a renowned ICSE physics tutor in Kolkata,  shares some valuable tips to follow while preparing for JEE MAINS- 

Develop a study plan

A well-organized study plan is crucial for exam preparations. While designing the study plan, try to keep it simple and effective. Do not make a strict plan that you might find difficult to follow consistently. Include short breaks in between to make the learning process enjoyable.

Avoid distractions

Social media sites are the primary cause of distractions among students nowadays. Avoid spending too much time on social media sites while preparing for the exam. However, to eliminate exam boredom, you can enjoy your leisure time by engaging in different hobbies like painting, music, workouts or going out for a short walk to refresh your mind.

Choose suitable study materials

Choosing the right study materials is like building a strong foundation for your preparation. Seek advice from your guides about the best materials. Remember, don’t underestimate the importance of NCERT. To really master the topics, consider enrolling in the foundation class physics tuition in Kolkata.

Solve question papers

Solving previous year’s question papers is not just a task, it’s a strategy. It helps you to understand the question patterns and analyze them from different perspectives. This widens your knowledge and prepares you for any type of questions. The top foundation class physics tuition in Kolkata prepares students efficiently with various interactive sessions, making the learning process engaging and effective.

Revise wisely

Revising your questions thoroughly is a must-step in preparation. However, do not spend a huge chunk of time on revising. Solve as many as question papers during the revision process to utilize your time efficiently. You can even make use of time tracking applications to manage time efficiently. 


Excelling in competitive exams like JEE MAINS requires a balanced approach of intelligent work and dedication. Students can enhance their preparation by developing a well-organized study plan, avoiding distractions, selecting the suitable study materials, solving question papers, and revising efficiently. Mastering exam strategies becomes more achievable with guidance from the best ICSE physics tutor in Kolkata and the proper preparation. Consistent effort and strategic preparation are crucial to achieving your academic goals.